Series of sculptures made from different animal bones, wire and plastic waste.

This work primarily is a swan song to nature and its resigned yet unrelenting struggle for survival. Pollution has abused and mutated our natural environment. However, humankind's relentless assault on nature has not overwhelmed its strength. The sculptures portray asymmetric and crippled creatures that, nonetheless, move forcefully. Toxic Evolution venerates the struggle of nature to perpetuate itself against all the odds, despite the residues that poison its veins.

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No animal has been killed with the purpose of being used for the creation of the artwork presented here. All sculptures have been made from animal remains found in the wild or received from third parties.


See the teaser of the documentary "Evolución Tóxica". The film shows the making of Soler-Arpa's sculpture series directed by Paolo Scarpa and produced by Ricardo Fernandez Deu. Duration: 55 minutes.