What is geological time? A term applied to describe the extended periods of time the Earth and life have needed to evolve and transform. Thus, we speak in millions of years to explain the planet's changes. We know that life has extraordinary resources to perpetuate itself over time. The factors that influence evolution include natural selection, genetic migration or migration flow. Yet above all, we know that evolution needs time, specifically geological time.

These animals (perhaps located in the near future) straddle the boundary between the possible and the impossible, the real and the imaginary, the graceful and the tortuous. Their strange morphology is fruit of contamination that triggers uncontrollable genetic mutations. They are ultimately fictitious victims of modern man's irresponsible behaviour, as is the reality of so many of today's endangered species. Radioactivity produces iridescence in their beautiful coats; transgenesis provides them with extravagantly elegant limbs. In the not-too-distant future, strange fish containing high degrees of mercury will swim the rivers and seas; animals of a third gender will breed in an original manner. We might see elephants with plumage, two-legged sheep, furry reptiles, ruminant amphibians, two-headed lizards and moles with luminous eyes...

I want to stress the intrinsic elegance in the natural evolution of animals. This can be appreciated in the efficiency of their bodies; in their movements ... one needs only to consider the gallop of a horse, or the leap of a hare or the structure and design of the plumage. This gracefulness is one element that I intend to underscore in the representation of my animal house. These beasts are elegant despite their biological defects. They are standing upright and are able to walk. I seek to lend credibility to their capacity of movement. The toxic component may also afford them a spectacular artificialness that is difficult to cope with, pushing back the boundaries of what is "normal". A sad and delirious selection of transgenic prototypes. Resourceful in a toxic nature that ultimately implies failure. Unfortunate beings that rise above their remarkable and intransient intensity. Gifted evolutionary relics doomed to extinction. And thus, they will stride like magnificent kings among garbage bags. In terms of approach, I focus on the anatomy of these beasts in order to make them entirely convincing. To this end I am using what I call "a false scientific format". They are mutants, damaged, degenerate, illogical and, above all, sadly unaware of their fate. Yet like all animals that inhabit our planet, they struggle to survive. They have the plausible defects of not having originated from a natural evolutionary process, but are rather a whim of man. And here I pose the question that sums up the goal of my work: Can life evolve without geological time? Will nature, as we know it be able to deal with the waste products we dump or will it succumb to environmental calamities? The answer is contained in the word EVOLUTION.

This creative exercise arises from a growing sense I have of dirt, toxicity, sickness and tumours, which affect me as a human being and nature, and which are the result of man. Mercury, cancer, mutation, acids, batteries, transgenics, oil, deformation, asphalt, the consumer society, radioactivity, plastic, pollutions, CFCs... are the concepts that have brought these beings into existence.

(A. Soler-Arpa)