General technical characteristics: Acrylic and mixed media on recycled cardboard. Approximate dimensions: 120 x 190cm.

Design has its honourable origin in the graphic arts, in the search for aesthetics and practicality. It acquires its maximum functionality in disciplines such as interior design, product design, architecture or engineering. However, when allied with consumerism, it undergoes a transmutation to transcend its functional facet and become one of the main tools in the consumerist strategy. At this point, Design ceases to be at the service of the consumer product to become its raison d'être.

With this collection of paintings I seek a way to express the same concept as in the prior series (Diseño Metástasis I) in another medium. In painting, I find freedom in the creation of forms and movement, as well as options to delve into symbolism. I use visual elements that evoke concepts such as competitiveness, immediacy, consumerism, suffering or anxiety. All this in combination with an attractive chromatic range that takes us to the world of marketing and competition.