General technical characteristics: Mixed media on taxidermy / sculpted wood. Approximate dimensions: 80x100x80cm.

Fashion desgin, interior design, brand design - almost everything around us is conceived and created to be quickly and easily consumable. It shall please, accommodate, delight. Design gives form and life to the objects of desire. It is a main tool of the consumerist industry. Aimed at creating superfluous needs, it generates demand, regardless of its negative impact on our physical and mental environment. Design is not innocent.

With "Diseño Metástasis" I try to unmask an incognito villain who acts among us with impunity: What are the hidden effects of an omnipresent discipline, so importantant and often so unnecessary? Superfluous design, leading towards an unnecessary consumerism. What are its effects on our natural environment? Nature processed and redesigned to be consumed.


No animal has been killed with the purpose of being used for the creation of the artwork presented here. All sculptures have been made from animal remains found in the wild or received from third parties. In the case of Diseño Metástasis I, the sculptures have been made with recovered and restored trophies.