DESIGN-METASTASIS, design is not innocent.

Almost everything around us is conceived and designed to be quickly and easily consumable as well as desirable. The artist views Design as the main component in the consumerist machine. Design creates and lends form and life to the object of desire. It's the fuel that keeps the consumerist machine running. Design has come to determine a production process aimed at coaxing and tempting superfluous needs.

Thus, Soler-Arpa pinpoints the Metastasis of Design. It is the Design of the superficial that extends to all fields. Everything is designed, preconceived, with one purpose: to please, to delight in, and to accommodate, and ultimately to generate demand, regardless of its negative impact on sustainability and our way of thinking.

"Design has its origin in the graphic arts and the search for aesthetics. In its noblest sense, Design manages to be functional in fields like interior design, architecture or engineering. However, allied with consumerism and the most aggressive and competitive form capitalism, Design undergoes a virulent transmutation, transcending the purely graphic to become a seductive yet dangerous strategic tool at the service of the market. Its aesthetic appeal encourages us to consume more and more."It`s at this point when Design ceases to serve the consumer product and becomes the raison d'être of the consumer product.. What do we consume? Why do we consume? 

Soler-Arpa uses this selection of pieces to unmask a villain who acts with impunity among us. And that is the superfluous and superficial design, whose sole objective is to generate objects of desire and senseless consumerism.