b. 1974 Girona, Spain.In his work, Alvaro Soler-Arpa combines his knowledge of anatomy and drawing with his interest in organic forms. Throughout his artistic discourse, a deep commitment to the environment and the implications of the hand of man on nature, are constantly present. His sculptures are assemblages of elements he searches incessantly and manipulates to create new forms. In his most recent series of work "Toxic Life", he brings together animal bones, wire and plastic waste in order to create new evolved beings. His almost futuristic creatures attest to natures' evolution in response to the toxicity of our consumer driven society.

"I like the idea of the artisan becoming artist. The artisan commands a skill derived from many hours of manual work. That skillful knowledge is a base, and building on it to make art gives significant strength to the work that stems from discipline at work. I regard the artist as someone explosive and impulsive in terms of creativity, but also implosive and patient when it comes to skill. I enjoy my work from within and outside, and I consider drawing as my main tool in the creative process. I give great importance to the "physical" intention of the forms and lines so my work is much closer to be figurative than any other style. From my point of view anatomy and nature are magic, in the full meaning of the word. Nature can do miracles, medicine and technology cannot. I regard nature as my main source of inspiration far from man and his technological achievements. Working with bones for the last 10 years has been a way to get in full contact with it, of exploring it and going deeper into the concepts of life, death and evolution".

-In 2014 Soler Arpa was invited to become artistic ambassador for Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC),a global non-profit organization whose mission is to end the global dependence on single-use and disposable plastic.

-2015 He became member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Alvaro Soler Arpa majored in Drawing, at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Olot, and later in Illustration, at the Escuela Llotja de Barcelona. He then pursued a career in advertising and film which included drawing film story boards for directors such as Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Beautiful, 2010) and Woody Allen (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, 2008) on J.A Bayona (The Imposible 2011). In 2005 he began to focus his creativity in the visual arts, primarily in installations and sculpture making. He is one of the artists of Galeria Miguel Marcos placed in Barcelona.


2019 ARCO, Madrid International Art Fair. Galeria Miguel Marcos.

2019 "DISEÑO-METASTASIS, el diseño no es inocente" Galeria Miguel Marcos, Barcelona.

2018 "EVOLUTION", exposición colectiva. Galeria Miguel Marcos.

2018 ARCO, Madrid International Art Fair. Galeria Miguel Marcos.

2017 "Esculturas del fin del mundo" Galeria Miguel Marcos, Barcelona.

2017 "Mujer 21". Sala el Diario de Ibiza, Ibiza.

2016 "Evolució tóxica". Les Bernardes de Salt, Girona.

2016 "Toxic Life". Project with Plastic Pollution Coalition. Del Prat Airport and TMB Subway, Barcelona, Spain.

2016 ARCO, Madrid International Art Fair. Galeria Miguel Marcos.

2015 "Craniums". A tribute to the bull". Las Ventas Bull Fight Arena. Madrid, Spain

2014 "Toxic Evolution" AZULTIERRA Space. Barcelona, Spain

2013 "Craniums".BART Gallery. Cologne, Germany.

2011 "Craniums". Elephant Showroom de Arte. Madrid, Spain.

2010 "Craniums". Elephant Showroom de Arte. Barcelona, Spain.

2009 Km7 Espai d'Art José Luis Pascual. Saus, Girona, Spain.

2008 "The Helmet: wings to the imagination" ILLA Diagonal. Barcelona, Spain.

2006 "The Helmet: wings to the imagination" Sala Vinçon. Barcelona, Spain.